Shorten the Closing Cycle of Your Deals: Close Your Deals in Half the Time
Date:  Tuesday, July 9th     
Time:  1:00 pm eastern time 
Length:  60-75 minutes 

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Are you ready to maximize your production in 2019? Are you tired of deals that drag on forever? Shortening the closing cycle of your deals is a targeted way to boost your performance and improve your bottom line. In my next webinar, I'll provide you with practical action items and strategies to do just that: close your deals in half the time!  

In this session, I will show you: 

  • Tactics to shorten the closing time of your deals.
  • How to foresee "deal-killers" before they happen.
  • How to identify potential problems that could slow your deals down.
  • How to pre-close deals so that everything goes off without a hitch.
  • How to structure offers so that you can get same-day acceptance from candidates.
  • How to set a schedule with the client to increase urgency.
  • How to establish posture with your clients so they know you are serious and can solve their problems.
  • How to know when it's time to drop a client that slows down the process.
  • How to select those searches that have the highest likelihood of closing the quickest. 

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