“Everyone reading this needs to understand something about Scott Love... He is a wonderful AND flawed human being, just like the rest of us. He can truly relate to individuals and fights his ego to keep a grounded perspective that includes the fact that everyone is someone else's master in some area... I think that is the foundation that Scott is building on and that is what helps him to deliver such impactful and digestible messages as a trainer. Bottom line, his involvement with our team has been a catalyst and has helped to spur behavior changes that will help all of us to have more success and satisfaction while developing as search professionals.” -- Benjamin M. Stocum, Vice President at Delta Diversified, Inc.


“I had Scott visit our local recruiting association (Rocky Mountain Association of Recruiters) for a one day training on improving our recruiting businesses, titled "Paint By the Numbers." The room was packed and the feedback from the group was very positive - the content was excellent and Scott's delivery was right on the mark. Scott, thank you so much for the valuable insight and training!” -- Ken Dropiewski, Recruiter/Headhunter of the Best Commercial Talent for Top Biotech and Medical Device Companies


“Scott has an excellent selection of recruitment tips on YouTube. These clips did me wonders. I put them in use during interviews and it resulted in me getting my first role as a recruitment consultant. Without these aids I doubt I would have got to where I am just now. Thank you Scott.” -- Jamie Robertson


“Scott's programs are amazing and make me a better recruiter and more importantly a better person.” -- Bob Schnebel, CPC, Executive Recruiter, Schnebel Associates, Inc.


“Scott is awesome. Engage with him and you won't regret it!” -- Steve Gibson Founder and Principal Recruiting Partner, TalentServed, LLC


“Scott Love continues to help others by sharing his knowledge and experience in the field of Recruiting. He is charismatic, detailed, organized and selfless in the way he helps to train us and others. He encourages us to find solace in the fundamental concepts of recruiting. It's hard work. Scott helps us avoid distractions and focus on helping others.” -- Ernest Pineda, Gerard Group, Inc / SAS ® data & analytic consulting


“Over the past 7 years I have had the opportunity to attend one of Scott's presentations, to own one of his DVD sets, and to participate in one of his webcasts. Without question Scott's knowledge of the staffing industry is unrivaled and his passion for helping others succeed in this environment is very evident. His "New Recruiter Toolkit" is a must for any person seeking to break into our industry. I highly recommend Scott as a speaker and trainer.” -- Cory Kreig, Director - Dentistry Division at Staff Care, an AMN Healthcare Company


“Scott presented to our annual franchise meeting. His message was informative, clear, and to the point. I subscribe to his newsletter. It always had good content. Also, I have sat in on his webinars and like the other communications, he did a great job of delivering useful information. Scott is engaging and well read. Thanks Scott.” -- Sam Lewis, CSP


Owner and Strategic Partner, Pridestaff

"Scott Love is the best trainer in our industry!" -- Michael Long, AgentHR


"It should go without saying that Scott has a natural ability to inspire and motivate." -- The Fordyce Letter


"I absolutely love all of your webinars. I listen to them every morning while I am working out and have been incorporating your lessons in to my desk. They have really gotten me on track in terms of being resilient, improving my sales skills, staying on the phone, plus many other valuable lessons. You are right, the concepts are simple, but to be honest I need simple to actually incorporate it. Other trainers offer some great material, but I have found your material to be something I can really put in to practice." -- Andy Nelson, BNA Search


"When I was first looking to open my own recruitment firm I wanted to find a resource that would allow me to network with other recruiters and came across Scott Love and the Coaching Club. I reviewed Scott s website and was impressed with what I saw. After listening to some of the webinars I made the decision to sign up for the monthly Coaching Club and have found it an invaluable resource. Being able to discuss what I m facing with others and being able to share what I've learned is awesome. Whether you are an experienced recruiter or just starting out I would recommend the Coaching Club." -- LVP Executive Recruitment and Consulting Group


"Having been a Coaching Club member for just a few weeks, I am pleased to say that Scott has helped me breathe new life and vigor into my recruiting career. After twenty years in the business, I have never felt like I have been able firmly get my arms around all the essential skills to be as effective as I want to be and make the money I know I should be able to make. Scott is helping me change that, one week at a time. To me it seems foolish for any recruiter to think they do not need the ongoing support and training of someone as effective as Scott Love. Anyone can claim to be an industry trainer, but it is his ability to passionately and practically convey his knowledge and experience that makes Scott unique. The coaching club gives you the one-on-one, real world support to help instill habits, solve challenges, and use new approaches that truly make the difference. He is what I would consider to be the Steven R. Covey of our industry, helping us -sharpen the saw- so to speak and keep it real through practical training and an abundance of exceptional resources." -- Steve Thornley, CSP


"I am a independent recruiter from Amsterdam in The Netherlands and have recently discovered your website and also ordered some of your products. After studying your materials I have seen a significant increase in my output and I would like to thank you for this. Keep up the good work!" -- Aladar Horsky


"After hearing Scott speak at a recruiting event, I decided to hire him as a consultant and I have not been disappointed. Since then, he has shared practical, tried-and-true approaches to sales and recruiting that have benefited our sales, account management and recruiting teams. But, more importantly, he works hard to understand my business and methodologies so that he can make thoughtful and insightful recommendations to improve our recruiting practices, business operations and bottom line." -- Tiffany Crenshaw, President/CEO, Intellect Resource


"I have been a member of Scott's Coaching Club since its inception. I have attended most of the webinars, read all of his articles, spent 1/1 time with him and have to say that I have never been disappointed with Scott or his training/coaching. He is fun to work with and extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the recruiting profession. He is also very supportive and creative. If you aren't a member of the Coaching Club, you should join and get access to all of Scott's great material!" -- Ellen Small, Principal/Search Consultant ProctorSmallAssociates.com


"We are really enjoying the benefits of membership! I am so happy that my team is getting regular pearls of Scott-isms on a weekly basis with the coaching calls." -- Wendy Koppel, President/Owner


"I just receive my third fee agreement from three different clients using the tools on the site. You have helped me so much. I am brand new in the business, this is my second month. If it were not for your website, there is no WAY I could be doing this Scott!" -- Lori Stephens, Seminole Metals


“Scott Love excels at introducing practical ideas during his high-energy presentations. He tackles complicated issues by breaking them down into attainable, realistic nuggets that truly makes SUCCESS seem attainable to everyone. It should go without saying that Scott has a natural ability to inspire and motivate. He is the type of presenter we all want to hear because he is brilliant at combining real-world lessons with applicable strategies for excelling on a recruiting desk.” -- Elaine Rigoli, Editor, The Fordyce Letter


“Thank you for the terrific presentation you made at our Fall Workshop earlier this week. You held the audience in the palm of your hand all afternoon! I watched even the heaviest hitters in the room taking copious notes. Your energy is infectious and you offered useful information for our members at every level of expertise. You have a wonderful knack of keeping your message entertaining while delivering solid content. Proving the old adage of a "spoonful of sugar" making the medicine go down more easily! The feedback we have gotten on the entire workshop from our members has been tremendously positive, with the highest of compliments directed your way.” -- Nancy R. Temple, President, Ohio Association of Executive Search Professionals

"I've read, watched and listened to nearly all trainers in the Executive Search area... I must say that listening or watching Scott Love's training keeps me enthused, critically informed and yes, entertained. I won't name names, but some trainers actually put me to sleep; and what good is their training if I'm asleep during the presentation? I watch and listen to Scott many times over, and I actually look forward to training via his CDs and DVDs. I'll go further to say, 'YES, I've read every piece of written training he's composed thus far as well... EVERYTHING!' I highly recommend ALL of Scott's training. This letter is 100% NOT solicited: I just felt compelled to write and let others know about Scott Love's training material and how valuable it has been to me. My past four sendouts have resulted in three placements; which increased my income by $73,650.00. A lot of that is my own work ethic, organization skills and character traits, but Scott's training has helped immensely. Two of those three placements came to fruition within four days of each other. Nice week of $54,150.00 in earnings. Both checks were overnighted to my office the day the candidates started. TRAINING WORKS even after eight years in the business. I thought you should know this." -- Wayne V. Dennis, Senior Partner, ESC Associated


"Having spent the past six years in the recruitment industry, I have had the opportunity to listen to and learn from a wide variety of speakers on the trade. Bar none and without a doubt, Scott Love is the best trainer in our industry! He is always providing simple to implement and impactful ways for you to improve your recruitment practice. On top of that, Scott knows and teaches the power of right thinking, which goes a long way in an industry that has a tendency to be a roller coaster ride. For his contributions to our profession and his amazing skills as a teacher, I highly recommend Scott Love for anyone that is looking to take their business to the next level!" -- Michael Long, Executive Recruiter, AgentHR


From the Texas Association of Personnel Services, attendees made these comments about Scott's presentation:

1. This guy is pretty good! Have him back again.

2. Funny stories to relate to.

3. Great speaker, topic, and food.

4. Fun, exciting, intuitive, informative.

5. Amazing. Have him more often!

6. Loved the presentation.

7. I enjoyed the humorous delivery! It makes all your great information a ton of fun!

8. It was great. Thanks!

9. Very applicable to my industry.

10. Great presentation!

11. Good job and thanks!

12. Very interesting speaker and funny!

13. Easy to listen to!

14. Right on with our daily situations.

15. Speaker was excellent. I would highly recommend to anyone.

16. Good speaker, good ideas.

17. I had a great time!

18. Scott brings a ton of energy and enthusiasm along with a consultative approach to the business that is rewarding and beneficial.

19. I really enjoyed Scott!

20. Helene does a great job in bringing the right speakers in and having them speak about the topics that we need.

21. Everything was great. All was set up well - door prizes made it fun and I thought the whole set up was really good.

22. He has a lot of energy and is a good comedian.

23. Excellent speaker and location. I would attend again.

24. Loved his humor!

25. Great job!

26. Loved it!


"Thanks for your training. I like your blend of teaching methods. Your manner is engaging and your stories are fun. The hand-out booklet that you gave us to fill in the blanks and then take back to our offices to refer to again and again makes your information accessible to us whether we're auditory, visual or kinetic learners." – Theresa


"Your professionalism in both preparation and presentation is second to none. I've worked with hundreds of speakers over the past 10 years and you stand out as one of the best." -- Amy Huber, Meeting Planner American Staffing Association

"This is the first conference I have been to with my employees where they came away excited. Being an owner, that means a lot to me. Thank you." -- Barbara Lazinsky, The Registry


Thank you for the great presentation today! After years in staffing it can become easy to get caught up in the strategizing and forget the basics of good sales techniques, prospecting, consultative selling and client service delivery. Thank you for the focus! -- Charlotte Kerns The York Companies, Inc.


"I want to personally thank you for the great job you did at our State Conference last thursday. I had many, many positive comments about your presentations. You did a fantastic job. Your presentations showed passion and a genuine understanding of the real world we recruiters are in. You were able to convey your insight and knowledge of our industry in a clear and entertaining, yet professional manner. I hope our members will have an opportunity in the future to learn from you." -- Bruce Wilbanks, Oklahoma Association of Personnel Consultants


"As the Vice President of the Florida Association of Personnel Services, I am continually searching for the best and brightest training techniques to expose our Association to our membership, and you consistently impress me with your ability to creatively come up with techniques even a rookie can learn and grow from! We enjoyed having you at our Annual Event last year, and would love to have you back in Florida soon - hopefully at the Annual NAPS conference in Orlando this fall!" -- Suzette DiMascio, President/CEO Career Solutions Inc.


"Thank you for taking part in our 2004 annual conference in New Orleans. Just as in the world skating championships, it's the judges' score that counts. Our 'judges' of course were the franchise owners of Sanford Rose Associates Executive Search. And while normally a pretty tough bunch, they gave you a score of 3.9 out of 4.0 on your first day of competition and a perfect 4.0 on your second. Both your message and its delivery were clearly on point. Your emphasis on how little things can make a big difference in recruiting performance will help all our conference attendees become even sharper at what they already do extremely well. It would be my pleasure to recommend you to others." -- George R. Snider, Jr., President/CEO SRA International

"Your seminar gave me the tools I need to pick myself up and get back on track! I am very excited to get back to the office and apply your techniques. I can't wait to receive your recruiting package. In this business, I truly believe we can always get back to basics. Thank you!" -- Tracy Powers


"A refreshing sense of humor made the material fall into place. Most of what you teach is not new, but is presented in a contemporary style that includes interaction coupled with laughter. I wish that I found you 18 years ago. The learning curve would look so different. My career would have gotten a jumpstart. You emphasized many points that were familiar but were presented in a way that seemed new and unique. This seminar is a must for recruiters at all levels. I wholeheartedly endorse it. Thanks for a great time." -- Steve Biondi, Executive Search


"I came away with a more positive attitude and realization that I'm not alone. Every recruiter goes through the ups and downs of success and that's okay. I learned that it is imperative to plan everyday! Scott Love is an excellent leader. Thank you Scott for being you!" -- Carol Johnson, ATC Healthcare Services

"Your course is engaging, informative and fun. Thanks for giving me the tools and guidance I need to succeed." – Marie, Modern Connections (UK)


"After attending Scott Love's 'No Limit Recruiting' seminar, I was able to bill over $500,000 the next year. I give most of the credit for what I've done to attending that seminar. If you want to become a big biller, consider investing in this program or the video of the seminar. Being a seasoned recruiter it helped remind me what I am not doing and what I have forgotten that works. For the rookie in our office it gave them an insight in areas that I had forgotten to train them on, it gave them confidence because of Scott's relatable and fun presentations and gave them more insight into this crazy business!" -- Nancy Sheaffer, The Charis Group


"We really enjoyed the recent teleconference, '100% Recruiting Call'. The entire office is already using some of the tools discussed in the teleconference. Scott, you never cease to amaze us. Just when we think we know it all you surprise us with some new techniques that really work. We just viewed your DVD series, 'No Limit Recruiting' as an office, and we were blown away by the content. It was fresh and up to date, and definitely struck a whole new cord in the office. These 20 recruiters all have a new game plan thanks to your training. Thanks for all you do." -- Michael Catena, President, Civil Search International


"Excellent content, extremely motivational, very informative. A fun presentation, great stories to relate to in our journey/career. Good advice." -- Sherri Cohen P.T. Recruiting Associates


"Thank you for the most excellent training sessions. If there was a 'fantasy recruiting league' I would have to put you at the top of my draft board. Thanks again, and I look forward to applying the training now and in the future to one day become a BIG BILLER. Thanks much." -- Brad Saunders Tonia Deal Consultants

"Thanks so much for the training. I'm anxious to get started!" – Holly, Tonia Deal Consultants


"Just a quick note to say thank you for the training and sharing your experience." -- Greg Allen, Tonia Deal Consultants


"Scott puts the whole concept of recruiting into simple, workable processes that you can apply immediately and see measurable improvements." -- Des Taylor, Modern Connections (UK)


"We continue to get great comments on the training program 'The 100% Recruit Call' and 'Rainmaking Secrets' you presented earlier this year to the Independent Recruiters Group of Dallas/Fort Worth, and I thought you might like to know about it. Your program was also one of the best attended we have had in a long time." – Alan, Christie & Christie


"On behalf of the board of directors, officials and staff of the American Staffing Association, I would like to thank you for your contribution towards the success of Staffing World 2004. Your workshops were well received by Staffing World attendees. You received an overall rating of 8.76 out of a possible rating of 10 for your Red Hot Motivation workshop, and an overall rating of 9.44 for your Selling to the Top workshop." -- Ron J. Goode/Director of Education American Staffing Association


"I love getting your tips when you send them out, it gives me a burst of enthusiasm for the rest of the day. My staff here at Koren Rogers listened in on your seminar a few weeks back about staying motivated?it was the best $77 I've spent in a very long time. We look forward to taking advantage of more of them in the near future." -- Michael Koren, Koren Rogers Executive Search


"Scott is one of the most enthusiastic speakers I have ever heard. He is knowledgeable in the staffing industry, and I found his presentation extremely valuable. I would tell others to see him and I would see him again. Scott is the cream of the crop when it comes to staffing trainers!" -- Benjamin Jones, The Registry, Inc.

"Scott Love was the most upbeat speaker I have ever seen. Excellent handouts and now I feel I will become a better recruiter." -- Joanna Spaun Time Services, Tech Group


"I like the way you presented the info. I will definitely implement at least six different tactics. This is the first conference I have been to with my employees where they came away excited. Being an owner, that means a lot to me. Thank you." -- Barbara Lazinsky, The Registry


"Scott Love has rejuvenated my outlook upon my job as a recruiter. He has given me a fresh and enthusiastic focus to take back and apply to my job." -- Michael Lawson, Time Technical


"Scott, I enjoyed your enthusiasm. I will be visiting your website to review your recommended reading list. Thanks for the great tips!" -- Val Nowosielski, CPC, CTS The Morley Group


"Scott Love's professional and straight-forward approach is a classic model for high-billing executive recruiters." -- Tanya Hahn, Esq. Legal Ease, Inc.


"Very animated speaker! I really enjoyed your passion for what you do and it explains your success. Your enthusiasm is contagious! Back to the basics. Thanks!" -- Marianne O'Hara, Legal Ease/Search Beyond


"Outstanding presentation, Scott. Your delivery was enthusiastic and was conveyed professionally, intelligently, and in simple terms. Your content was excellent as well. Great job!" -- Jean McAvoy, CPC The Pyramids Group


"Scott, Thanks for the valuable information. Starting Monday, my tip jar will runneth over!" -- Greg Cummins, The Registry, Inc.


"Scott, I enjoyed your energy. Great! Self-confidence IS the key!" -- Maria Hemminger, VP Time Services, Inc.


"Wow! I thought I knew it all but I learned a HUGE amount of new information. I'm excited because I can apply most of what I learned tomorrow morning!! Great speaker, great material." -- Haden Riddick, Double Agents, Inc.


"Awesome, one of the best training seminars in any business I have ever attended! I highly recommend the course!" -- Trip Baisden, Double Agents, Inc.


"I really enjoyed this seminar. It has helped me to become more motivated and it has given me tools to bill $300,000 this year. I?m purchasing all of his products and know I will increase my billings." -- Connie Roden, CPC Roden Personnel, Inc.

"Enjoyed Scott's seminar, he has some solid, constructive ideas for increasing business in today's tight economy. Good tips on recruiting candidates on the phone and getting cell numbers." -- Betty Cleaves, Unistaff, Inc.


"Your presentation was extremely well presented, logical, and easy to follow. It gave me a set of principles to follow. I will use these and add them to the way I do business and I believe very strongly that they will add to my credibility with my clients and candidates." -- Larry Veber, Lawrence Veber Associates


"Being a one month old rookie, this presentation is helping me build the confidence to talk to presidents and CEO's and even the attitude-laden gatekeeper or HR representative. This is an investment in my future that will put me years ahead of those that started the same time I did. Thanks!" -- Charles Buch, Bradley-Morris


"Scott's seminar is truly an action-packed day covering the full spectrum of recruiting activities. He was even able to quickly address training issues for our truly unique niche." -- Mike Jennings, Bradley-Morris


"Great seminar, time flew by, everything is applicable to what I do. Everything is actually doable." -- Karen Waterfield, Recruiting Resources, Inc.


"There is nothing more important than competency, and being successful means investing in yourself through important seminars such as this." -- Ginnie Joseph Appleone, Employment Services


"Scott provided a thorough process of working with both candidates and clients which forces you to do things right, the first time, so you don't get burned down the road." -- Russ Bencks, Bencks and Company


"I attended Scott's seminar not knowing how exactly he could help me. After spending the class with him I have realized that I need to consider myself a consultant to my clients, have confidence and practice the information that was given. Being a contingency-based company, there was a lot of helpful information that will lead me down the road of a top biller of my company." -- Jason M. Lynn, Bradley-Morris


"Scott's presentation and speaking ability is "second to none". If Scott speaks for your company or association, he will inspire, motivate and educate. You will see results!" -- Patricia Drain, CPC, CIPC, NAPS Board of Directors


"I attended Scott Love's Seminar and was once again very impressed with the quality and structure of the program. I have used Scott's techniques in the past from other seminars and after already have achieved success with Mr. Love's techniques, decided to invest in this seminar. Going through the ups in downs in the recruiting industry due to the economy, I went into this seminar hoping that I would learn different sales methods that could make me more successful. After attending, I found that I became more confident in my marketing abilities and increased my sales by 38% to beat my sales goals from the previous year. Scott has the ability to motivate, coach and mentor any salesperson in all industries to success. " -- Stephanie Clark, Phoenix, Arizona


"Scott Love has been instrumental in helping my company with recruiting techniques. He is able to teach a technique in an interesting way and with more than one approach. My entire staff came back motivated and more productive every time they heard Scott speak." -- Sue Morton, President, The Morton Group

"Scott knows his stuff! He has truly uncovered the secrets to making it big in this business! If you dream big but are not sure how to get there Scott can show you how to take your business to the next level and beyond. -- Joelle Prochera, Branch Manager, Manpower


"Thank you for your contribution to our Leadership Seminar in Phoenix. The audience obviously felt that your content was of value in their environment and the message was timely. Your role was to deliver the motivating "punch" for the Seminar and I think you nailed it. Speakers of your caliber and with your talent are rare. I am certain we will use you again for future events." -- Greg E. Flowers, STI Knowledge


"Wow! The epitome of a mature leadership message with the down-to-earth devilishness of a free-spirited kid. You will be captivated and inspired by Scott's message." -- Jane Miller, Personal Development Institute

"Scott Love's commanding presence, humor, and obvious knowledge of his subject matter make him an asset to any event. Thoroughly enjoyable presentation!" -- Kelly Drake, Cobblestone Consulting Group


"Scott's natural leadership values and experiences are graphically displayed in this dynamic and content-rich program." -- Ted Garrison, President, Garrison Associates

"Thank you for being the model of what is possible when one applies the Five Keys to being a Super-Effective Leader. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to practice the Five Keys in my life. I am certain my leadership and my effectiveness will skyrocket because of your presentation. I highly, highly recommend this program!" -- Joyce Pike, The Human Potential Institute


"Your stories weave a tapestry that involved me and the rest of the audience, and we were not an easy group to please." -- Charles M. Jenkins, Jr. Seoul, Korea

"Take your entire staff to this power-packed weekend 'retreat' twice a year to insure that you stay in top form and your service continues to be worth top billing rates. Scott skillfully leads you through the recruiting process from beginning to end, showing you how to add layers upon layers of value to each step. The added bonus is connecting with recruiters from the U.S., England and Canada. This event is too powerful and productive to miss." -- Rose Mary Bordwell, CEO, Bordwell & Associates

"My productivity and billing percentages increased the first week after the Scott Love International seminar. I raised my fees to an existing client (they readily agreed and gave me four job orders) and my candidates happily created their 'sizzle sheets'. I presented my candidates with a much more professional and organized approach and definitely put myself ahead of my competition. It was time very well spent. I will definitely be in the front row at the next seminar." -- Nancy Jalaty, National Director, PJL & Associates


"After being in the Permanent Placement Contingency Recruiting Industry for 9 years I was looking for 3 things: New 'verbiage' (I had been taught 9 years ago by individuals who had then been in the industry for 20 years. I also acquired some 'new to me' material 2 years ago that had copyright dates in the 1990's). New Motivation (new and different techniques that were new to me but recruiting industry specific). A New System for my desk that will make me more efficient and work smarter. The job market is picking up at a steady pace and I want to capitalize on it. I got all three between Friday & Saturday sessions along with various handouts I was able to take back to the office with me." -- Todd Taylor, Career Forum, Inc.


"This was the most valuable sales training I have ever participated in. It is always refreshing and exciting to learn recruiting from a person who is active in recruiting daily, not a retired warhorse. Your style was very practical and easy to understand. The flow of information was very progressive as you went from one topic to the next. The participants enjoyed your presentation since it was always timely and focused. I can't wait to get started in your mentorship program!" -- Jeff Sheaffer, Directing Manager, The Charis Group


"I attended Scott Love's seminar in November 2005 after hearing, reading and using bits and pieces of his information over the past year. The class in Las Vegas really brought everything together and Scott presented a start -to-finish solution that addressed every aspect of the business. If you really want to avoid surprises and be prepared for success in the recruiting business, plan to attend his next seminar! My goal for next year will be 150% of what it was this year and I feel certain I will achieve it!" -- Julie Rojas, Career Forum


"I wanted to thank you so much for your dynamic and helpful training seminar, 'No Limit Recruiting'. I learned some extremely helpful techniques that have already made a difference to my bottom-line billings. In the two weeks after your seminar I closed two deals and picked up two new clients. This brings my deals closed for November to four placements. I look forward to attending your next seminar!" -- Laura White, Affinity Options


"Your role was to deliver the motivating punch for the seminar and I think you nailed it. Speakers of your caliber and with your talent are rare. I am certain we will use you again for future events." -- Greg Flowers, VP/Managing Partner, STI Knowledge