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Downloadable Reference Tool (PDF) and 1-Hour Audio Course: Engaging the Passive Candidate

What if I was right there next to you at your desk, guiding you through the conversation, telling you what to say to engage the candidate, overcome objections, and move them forward in the process?

I recently created a tool that can do just that. The Recruiting Power Tool is a combination of a visual process and word tracks which guides you through that first conversation with the candidate on a word for word basis, telling you how to maneuver through the nuance of this critical conversation.

This detailed flow chart will show you what to say and when so you can make more placements. With this tool, you will make more placements by getting more candidates interested in your client's opportunities. You will talk in a way that gets them to bring their walls down, open up to you, trust you. You will overcome their objections, move them forward in the process, you will sound like a smooth professional who is sincere and authentic.

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