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Rainmaking, Retainers, and Rock Solid Client Development Strategies: The Ultimate Model of Client Mastery

This comprehensive client development course consists of 6 one-hour audio modules covering 36 topics and includes a 50 page workbook.

Listen to this multi-module course on your commute or during your workout!


Who should invest in this course?


  • Experienced recruiters who wish to get higher level fees, searches, and clients
  • New recruiters with limited sales and client development experience
  • Intermediate recruiters frustrated with mid-level contingency searches


Do you want to get higher fees and pursue higher level search assignments?
Have you thought about selling retainers or converting your desk to a retained model?
Are you frustrated with your current client relationships and looking for a step-by-step plan of action to finally get clients who see you as a trusted advisor?


Then consider investing in this comprehensive audio training which will lay out an entire action plan for you to achieve that, and more. This content-rich training program consists of 36 training modules and a comprehensive pdf learning guide and will help search consultants to:


  • Sell at fees higher than your competitors
  • Get in-bound calls from high margin client prospects through effective rainmaking
  • Negotiate better terms and fees with clients
  • Sell retainers (or exclusives)
  • Talk to clients as a trusted advisor, moving away from commodity or vendor status
  • Set the expectations for a long-term authority relationship with clients
  • Convert to a full retainer model if appropriate for your niche
  • Be prepared to handle any objection, concern, or problem scenario with your clients




  1. The Client Development Lifecycle Model: More Business, Better Business, All the Business
  2. First Contact Avenues with Client Prospects: Understand Key Concepts
  3. Differentiation & Unique Selling Proposition: Where it All Starts – What is your value?
  4. Posturing and Your Conversation Potential: Thought Model and How it Impacts Verbal Communication
  5. Niche Development: Seeking High Demand/Low Supply Pockets of Opportunity
  6. Five Paths to Getting New Business: Strategy Overview
  7. Points of Entry within Prospective Client Organizations
  8. Exploring the MPC: Advanced Concepts Beyond "WannaBuyaChicken"
  9. Leveraging First Contact: Harvesting All Avenues of Value with Client Prospects
  10. “We May Have a Need” - The Probing Question Model: W5H
  11. The Implication Quadrant: A Format for Intelligent Client Conversations
  12. Targeted Client Development Plans
  13. Retainer Search: an Overview & Assessing Your Odds
  14. First Conversation Avenues (without Cold Sales Calls)
  15. Rainmaking: Trade Journals
  16. Rainmaking: Business Journals
  17. Rainmaking: Getting Quotes & Mentions
  18. Rainmaking: Speaking at Trade Associations
  19. Rainmaking: Writing A Book For Your Niche
  20. Rainmaking: Social Media (beyond Twitter and Facebook) For Surprising Results
  21. Leveraging Rainmaking with High Level Referrals for Legitimate Reasons
  22. Selling Retainers (or Exclusives) Effectively
  23. In-Depth Fee Negotiation: Selling at Margins Higher Than Competitors
  24. After The “Yes”: Setting Client Expectations
  25. Managing Data with Clients: How to Organize It
  26. The Client Visit: Why, When, Variations, and How
  27. Taking Search Assignments: Advantage Multiplier with Performance Profile Documents
  28. Managing the Search Under Retainer: What is Different and Expected?
  29. Commencing Search Assignment: Creating The Search Plan
  30. Using Performance Profile Documents: With Candidates, Clients, and Interviews
  31. Interview Preps & Debriefs With Clients: Moving to Trusted Advisor Status
  32.  Meeting with Higher Level Candidates: Increasing Stronger Bonds
  33. When Things Go Wrong With Your Clients: Saving The Relationship
  34. Creating a Working Plan for Pursuing Higher Level Assignments: Your Actionable Items
  35.  Your Ultimate Goal: Meet The Chairman
  36. Leveraging Your Work for Maximum Profits


This curriculum is the same program that I deliver in my two-day "roll up your sleeves" client development seminars. Invest in this program and continue to use it as a reference guide as you develop clients.


My teaching is founded on the fact that I work a desk every day and bring in big fees with sophisticated clients. Everything I teach is what I am currently doing or have closely advised other recruiting firms. My last new client development conversation was very recent, not in 1985.This content is solid, proven, and battle-tested. If you are willing to work the program, you will achieve amazing results.