How to Use the Telephone Discipline Tool Part I

How to Use the Telephone Discipline Tool Part II


Recruit Call Flow Chart

A visual flow chart of scripts to help you through the initial recruit call. The Recruiting Power Tool elaborates on the process and also provides word for word scripts for each part of the process.

Deal Autopsy Have you ever had a deal fall apart? Congratulations. You've just created the perfect learning tool. Use this free tool to learn how to conduct a "Deal Autopsy."

Annual Planning Tool I created this as a template to help people get a tight and solid workable strategic plan in place for the year. Download this free tool and see how much more you will accomplish this year! It's my free gift to you.

Ten Secrets to Better Telephone Calls This brief four page guide is designed to get right to the point. . . to give you concrete tips that can help you become more effective and focused in telephone selling.

Weekly Target Sheet Use this pdf document to set weekly targets with your staff and give them a way to track their own performance. Then, use it as a learning tool to help them discover where they can improve.

Activity Tracking Sheet One of the most helpful tools you can use is a big-picture tracking sheet that shows you which candidates are at what part of the process with each client. Although I use a search-specific software program to manage my database of contacts, I prefer using this manual excel spreadsheet to track my activity.

Search Assessment Instrument Before you start calling those candidates, make sure this search is really worth your time.