Frequently Asked Questions

What are the terms of membership?
Members who are on a monthly recurring payment plan can cancel at any time. Cancelling your billing is a manual process, so you must cancel at least 48 hours (Monday-Friday)before your next charge if you want your recurring billing to be deactivated. We do not offer refunds. Email us if you need to cancel.

What if I have difficulty accessing the membership area of the site?
Email us! We offer web support by email and will get back with you right away.

There are lots of trainers out there. What makes you better than the others?
I can't say that I'm better than other trainers, just different. People say that my style of recruiting (values-based, results-focused, relationship-centered) fits in with how they live and recruit as well. To me, it's not just about the money. It's about changing lives and creating wealth because of how much value you offer to others. I use humor and stories to keep people engaged but I teach with a systems-based model of achievement. Training shouldn't focus on the talent of the trainer or how articulate and gifted he or she is.  Instead, it should focus on creating systems of achievement so that average people can achieve above average billings.

How experienced are you at getting recruiters to produce?
I've conducted extensive training for search firms and staffing agencies in their offices coast to coast. Over 4,500 search firms and staffing agencies have invested in my training tools. Always look at the fruit on the tree. And always ask around.  Don't just call those people who the trainer tells you to call. Ask your industry leaders who they think the most effective trainers are.

I'm thinking of sending my four rookies to a training for two days but it's going to cost me $4,500 to do it and all the trainer offers is this single session. Buy it's been a long time since he's been active in the industry.  Your thoughts?
Might not be a bad idea. But I would check around and not just with those who he or she tells you to call. Plus, you need to reinforce what you learn. I think it's odd that some trainers don't offer continuous follow up when one of the keys to adult education is repetition. That's why I lead at least two webinars each month and provide other forms of ongoing distance learning. A two day session might be fun and you might get inspired by the person who is leading it. But if it's just a one-shot deal, then there is a rate of decreasing retention and returns on your investment if there's nothing else offered beyond it. As far as his activity in the industry, in this business I think it's important to have your thumb on the pulse of it, so direct contact with candidates and client is helpful. I think training should be one part of a balanced deliver-system of education in our business. Personally, I offer a mix of seminars, in-house training, one-on-one consulting, distance learning programs such as webinars, coaching calls, video training, audio products, ebooks, and the subscription part of my site.

We are a subscriber to another trainers site but have found your training to be effective.  Should we cancel the other program?
Not necessarily. I think it's great to get a balanced approach and multiple opinions on how to work the business. One recent subscriber also subscribes to two other training sites in the business. I subscribe to two sites that are similar for one of my hobbies because I found both to be valuable. But you need to go where you are fed and follow those people who can help you. I'm not the best trainer for everyone. Some people just don't relate with my style or my attitude, and that's okay because there are other great options out there. But some people found that my style complements what they have learned from others.

Will you make me a big biller?  Can you guarantee I will be successful?
You are totally responsible for everything that happens to you, so no, I can't guarantee it. I can guarantee that I will do my best to offer knowledge and systems that will give you information that you need to be successful, but the rest is up to you. Honestly, the tactical knowledge of the business only contributes to your success by a factor of five percent. That's it. But that's all that most other trainers focus on. As you advance in your career, the technical knowledge matters less and less and then it's important for you to work in areas of your mental thought processes and attitude, your strategic decision-making skills, and your work habits. That's why my system of achievement in recruiting focuses on all four of those facets of success in our business.