Five Ways to Get Motivated About Making Calls

Posted on September 25, 2012 by admin in recruiting

Have you ever found yourself looking at a phone that weighed forty pounds? Have you ever started your morning sitting at your desk, knowing that you need to make your sales and recruiting calls, but you just didn’t seem to have the mojo needed to get on the phone and start smiling and dialing?

Yeah, happens to me all the time. So I try to build in systems that I can follow to change my state from one of indifference or fear to invincibility and excitement.

Here are five things you can do to help you get excited about the business and start smiling and dialing.

1. Read past issues from the Fordyce Letter. (If you’re not in the recruiting industry but are in sales, you can do this with other sales publications such as Selling Power Magazine). I’ve been a subscriber since 1996 and have kept every issue. I take them on planes with me when I travel and review old articles. They are laying around the house for me to read when I have a few minutes. I highlight them and take notes and write my thoughts in the margin. I use the past issues as a tool not just to learn the business, but to get excited about it again.

2. Talk with a colleague about your successes. When you share success stories, it reinforces the excitement that you have for the business.

3. Listen to other people share their successes. This is one of the reasons why I always get people who are members of the coaching club to share their recent successes with everyone else on our Monday group coaching calls. It doesn’t just give people recognition for the job well done. It stimulates excitement and enthusiasm that everyone else has about their desks.

4. Find someone to keep you accountable. It can be a colleague, a coach, a mentor, your boss, or a friend. Tell them about what’s holding you back. Tell them what your targets are for the week and ask them to check in with you Friday afternoon and to ask you how you did.

5. Use the telephone discipline tool that you can download for free from the free downloads section of my site: Scroll to the far bottom to find it. Highlight the number of connects you wish to reach each hour. Put an X in each box when you make a connect. Now you have set your INTENTION of what your target is, you are building FOCUS, and you are adding INTENSITY to the energy of making connects. Before, you weren’t measuring your hourly connect rate, known as throughput in the manufacturing world (widgets per hour). I was the first trainer in the industry to teach people this concept, of measuring your performance on an hour by hour basis. When you do this, it removes the fear and you can pick up the phone and start enjoying your dials.