Be Selfish With Your Time

Posted on August 3, 2012 by admin in recruiting

Most sales people aren’t selfish enough with their time.

They give it to people who can’t provide value to their sales. I’m not talking about not being nice and not being cordial with your colleagues.  I’m talking about drawing boundaries.

Draw boundaries with others when they interrupt your prime calling time to tell you about their weekend. Draw boundaries with prospects who aren’t qualified to buy.  You can do this with respect because everyone deserves dignity.  But be firm and genuine and be genuinely concerned about where you spend your time.  It never ceases to amaze me how many sales people spend time texting and insta-messaging and emailing friends during prime calling time. There are thousands of blog posts out there that are also fantastic distractions and add no value to you. Stay away from them. Only do things that bring you closer to hitting your targets. If it doesn’t help you hit your goals, do it after hours.

As a good rule of thumb, ask yourself these questions:

1) Does this activity/conversation/blog I am reading/email I am writing bring me closer to or further away from my goals?

2) Is this something that is important to me but not critical? Should I do it after prime calling time?

3) Will this prospect be involved in a sale in the next 90 days?

4) Will this prospect give me referrals or other information that can lead to me closing a sale in the next 90 days?

If the answer to any is ‘no’ then you need to draw a boundary and recognize those items that can keep you from making more sales.