Five Questions to Unlock Your Potential

Posted on June 11, 2015 by admin in motivation

The best tool for personal development is a journal. If you don’t have a journal, I challenge you today, before you go to bed, to go to the bookstore and invest in one. Get a nice leather bound journal, something with white creamy pages and a golden bookmark.

In the sales and recruiting professions, there are two key relationships that you must master. The relationship with others, and the relationship with yourself. The journal will help you to grow in your own knowledge of who you are, and will help you to grow in a character that is attractive to others.

Here are five questions that you can use to break in this tool.

1.  What are my greatest strengths?

2. What are my greatest weaknesses?

3. How can I capitalize on my strengths and gain leverage from them?

4. How can I shore up and improve upon my weaknesses?

And the last question is certainly out of the box, but can take you to a whole new level of performance:

5.  How can I use my weaknesses to my advantage?

Here’s an example. Thomas Edison was deaf, but used this weakness to his advantage during his career as an inventor. I still remember the day I  learned this in a biography I read in eighth grade about him.  He seemed happy he was deaf so he could tune out the rest of the world and those around him and focus in on his inventions. At an early age, I learned that it is indeed possible to use something that may seem a deficit to one’s advantage. As soon as something bad happens to you, seek out the opportunity in it.

I’ll never forget the day I had three counteroffers take place. One day with three fall-offs. This became the basis for my training business because on that day I made a commitment to myself to fully understand the tactics behind closing deals and keeping them closed. I analyzed the process, I developed a system to it, and this training mind-set gave birth to my training business which is based on following a systems approach.