Six Steps for Success When You Have a New Search

Posted on June 25, 2015 by admin in Recruiting

A member of the Coaching Club asked me what steps a recruiter should take immediately upon taking a new search assignment. Here’s my answer. . . 

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Seven Secrets to Boost Your Productivity

Posted on June 18, 2015 by admin in Motivation

You can have the greatest attitude, a strong telephone presence, and the best recruiting and client development skills. But if you lack strong work habits, you are destined to failure.

Work habits are comprised of the following seven components:

First, the Plan

The plan is how you are budgeting your time. Your time is fixed and limited and deserves to be allocated in blocks of time. Think of your day starting at 4 pm. You spend the time late in the afternoon divvying up the hours of the next day into segments where each hourly focus is fixated, with laser-beam intensity, on one type of activity. If you spend the block of time on one type of activity (such as only recruiting calls from 9 to 11, or only qualifying calls from 11 to 12) then you synergize your efforts and increase your effectiveness.

Second, the Goals

Start each day by finding the answer to this question: What are the two. . . 

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