Tip: Gaining Momentum on Your Desk

Posted on June 13, 2012 by admin in Recruiting

For a lot of recruiters, they gain momentum on their desk everyday around 4:30 pm.

What if their momentum started at 9:00 am?

They key to gaining force is to look at how momentum builds in nature. It was Newton who discovered that force equals mass times acceleration.

Let’s break that down and see how it applies to our desks as recruiters.

1. Your mass: how much activity do you have on your desk? Do you have a robust platform of client prospects and pending deals? Your success will always bring you more success. Once you can at least get some forward motion and some activity, then you will feel like doing the business again. Even if your successes are small, such as a few good phone calls, then you will start to build a mass of energy that will help you move forward. So start each day with five good phone calls. Build a mass, even a small mass, of positive energy and positive feelings about recruiting by getting a batch of five good calls first thing in the morning.

2. Acceleration. Do this within a one hour period of time. Start your first hours of your day with five good phone calls.

(NOTE: Thanks to Alan Weiss for the Newton reminder.  Alan is my former mentor and one of the smartest people in the business world. I highly recommend his content:

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Don't Think of Cold Calling as a Necessary Evil

Posted on June 7, 2012 by admin in Recruiting

Cold calling candidates should not be construed as a necessary evil.  It’s necessary.  Not evil.

If you tell your team that cold calling is hard, they’ll think it’s hard. If you tell them it’s difficult, they’ll think it’s difficult.  If instead you make it a game, they’ll think it’s fun and will do more of it. Use the telephone discipline tool from the Freebies page of my website and turn it into a fun game of you versus how many calls you can make each hour.

Remember, you as a manager are the leader of the office and your recruiters are looking to you to set the pace and the tone of the office. If you start complaining about cold calling, then your team will also.

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