Building a Referral Pipeline

Date:  Tuesday, August 8th
Time:  1:00 pm eastern time 
Length:  60-75 minutes 

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Lack of Candidates

One of the biggest problems recruiters face is not having enough candidates. The best solution is getting referrals that can open doors to you that are closed to everyone else, including your clients and your competitors.

Join me as I share with you systems, tools and ideas that can give you many more candidates. 

During this webinar I will share with you:

  • how to get people to want to go out of their way to give you referrals.
  • the four questions to ask each prospective candidate who tells you "no" so that you get an average of two referrals from each of them.
  • how to create a referral contest for your team. 
  • how to ask for referrals from strangers. 
  • how to approach someone who is referred so they warm up to you more quickly.
  • how to sell this concept to clients so they see you as a significant asset instead of another cost. 

The webinar will be recorded and you will get to keep the audio recording and presentation in your training archive even if you can't attend the live event!

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