Those Damn Counteroffers: How to Virtually Eliminate Them from Your Desk
Date:  Tuesday, May 9th
Time:  1:00 pm eastern time 
Length:  60-75 minutes 

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You've spent a lot of time selling your firm, recruiting candidates, qualifying them, and getting both sides ready for the interview. Your client says they like your candidate. Your candidate says he likes your client. An offer is given and accepted.

But don't pop the champagne corks just yet. The candidate has sent you a late night email telling you "Thanks but no thanks. Just got a big raise here, so I'm staying. Good luck."

How do you keep this from happening?
What do you tell the candidate so that they don't take a counteroffer?
How can you tell which candidates will take one?
How do you get your client to help you keep this from happening?

In this session, I will show you: 

  • How to pick up on indicators that a candidate is likely to take a counteroffer.
  • When to first talk about the counteroffer (hint: before the first interview)
  • How to give a thorough prep on the resignation and counteroffer with the candidate.
  • How to keep the client engaged in the process so the candidate still feels loved after the offer is given.
  • How to convince the client that you should be the one giving the offer to the candidate.

The webinar will be recorded and you will get to keep the audio recording and presentation in your training archive even if you can't attend the live event!

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