Negotiate This! Action Steps to Get Higher Fees and Close Deals Quicker
Date:  Tuesday, June 13th
Time:  1:00 pm eastern time 
Length:  60-75 minutes 

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The average recruiter has never attended a negotiation seminar nor have they read a single book on it. Yet when it comes to hourly earnings, they could earn more per hour than at any time in their career in those few minutes of a negotiation.

In this webinar, you will learn a model of negotiation that will stay with you for a lifetime and could put tens of thousands of dollars of net profit in your pocket, all from a short webinar.

What can you do with the knowledge from this webinar?

Negotiate Higher Fees
Negotiate Better Terms
Negotiate Deals with Candidates Better
Negotiate better rates in other areas of your business

In this session, I will show you: 

  • How to use negotiation tactics to win more business or recruit candidates.
  • Basic negotiation concepts, principles, and tactics, such as 'the flinch', 'higher authority', 'bracketing' and 'high value low cost concessions'.
  • How to stop selling on price alone.
  • How to get concessions from clients and candidates once you make a concession.
  • What to focus on during a negotiation.
  • How to probe for their hot buttons in a negotiation.
  • How to follow the proper 'ritual' of a negotiation to preserve your fees.
  • How to test concessions.
  • How to negotiate using a specific model and process of communication.
  • How to create a sales strategy based on an effective negotiation process.
  • How to influence more prospects to buy using the psychology of ethical influence in a negotiation.
  • How to use negotiation tactics in closing your deals between candidates and clients.

The webinar will be recorded and you will get to keep the audio recording and presentation in your training archive even if you can't attend the live event!

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